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Funding Options

Self Pay

If you decide to pay on your own, we have a couple of payment plans available to you; weekly, every other week, monthly or lump sum. We currently take cash, check or CashApp. Whichever payment plan you choose you must pay that much in advance. for example the weekly payment will be paid this week for next week's classes. If you have any questions please contact our office for more information.

WIOA Grant Funding

We have funding options through workforce development with the state of South Carolina and Georgia. This is a financial need-based grant through state funding. Click below to download the forms for Aiken County, SC or Richmond County, GA. If you live outside of those counties, please contact your local WIOA/Work Source office by clicking on the links to your state below to find the contract information for the office closest to you. Once you have completed the forms, please contact your local WIOA/Worksource office to find out where you need to email your paperwork to. Once you have your financial aid approved, please contact our office to let them know and we can get your orientation date set up.

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